I've decided

Okay it's settled: I'm moving the blog to wordpress.


Periodic Table of Awesoments Fills Me With Joy

The folks over at The Dapperstache got this one WAY right. Firstly, bacon is the supreme, most simple, most unified and basic form of awesome (witness the bacontini). This whole thing makes sense to me in a way that the old periodic table never did. My life would be much different if I could have studied Awesometry instead of Chemistry in high school.

Okay, that last sentence was totally untrue, but I admire the time and effort put into this. The Ninja to Ghost and Dinosaur to Mutant progressions make me giggle on the inside, and the presence of "Sunglasses" at 97 gives me hope. Where are my sunglasses, anyway?

Again, I say: it's not that these people have too much free time on their hands, it's that the rest of us lack vision.


I have absolutely no clue where I left my sunglasses.

Have you seen them?


Merry Christmas from the Universe

See? It's like a Christmas Tree with a star on top? But it's like a nova or a galaxy or something. (I can't be bothered to read more than the headlines from National Geographic, sorry).

Today felt like I was getting lots of little gifts from the universe.

In a way, then, this is the picture of my day.


Color Me Inspired

40 Inspirational Speeches from the Movies in 2 Minutes:

Sometimes I think people like this have too much time on their hands. Then I realize that it's just that I'm not doing much with my own spare time.


Bacon Martini

Oh, yes. Oh, yes, pretty please. I would very much like a candied bacon martini. It's a martini with candied bacon for crying out loud! I mean bacon? Gooood. Martini? Gooood.

I 'm sincerely wondering where this drink has been all my life.

Tilt Shift

Q:Is it tiny?

A: No, it is not.

I'm coming to believe that there's a school of photography for just about everything. Today, I happened upon WebUrban's review of some tilt-shift photography--named thus because photographers tilt and shift the lenses of their cameras of achieve the effect.

And what a cool effect it is! It makes almost anything instantly charming. Tiny-looking people, houses, boats, horses, mountains. Who doesn't love that?

The best part: "Today, most photographers simply take a digital photograph and apply the tilt-shift distortions via software. "

So now I'm totally going to see if my version of Photoshop does this.




I want a tiny projector.

And this is an awesome idea:

I think document cams are way overpriced, hard to focus, etc. We have tried a simpler solution: A $100. digital camera on a tiny tripod, with its "AV" or "video" output patched into the video in of our projectors. Power cord attached so we don't worry about batteries. Resolution is a bit less than a digital solution, but the ability to easily change the focus and aim of the camera is wonderful, and the ease taking a picture or movie is obvious. Better and easier macro and zoom than any document camera. 20% of the price. Cheap! Works! Easy! And of course the camera can be used for many other purposes.

I totally want to buy a tripod now!


This is Indexed is a cute little blog I just found. Thought I'd share it. Good for a quick laugh on a cold day.


Sidwell Friends

I'm a firm believer in public schools. Heck, I'm 99% of the way towards teaching in one (someday...let's all cross our fingers that it's someday soon!). I intend to send my kids to public school, and I think we should all pay a few extra bucks in taxes if that's what it takes to make our public schools the super-awesome learning palaces that they should be (and that teachers get paid in accordance with the work they do...but that's a whole other story).

That said, I also believe that the first children should not be in a public school. First, it's probably safer for them to be in a private school, and second, I'm not sure an already overburdened public school needs or wants the extra toll having the highest profile students in the country would place on it.

I'm thrilled, too, that the Obamas have chosen Sidwell Friends for their daughters. I'm a gigantic fan of progressive Quakerism, and I've often thought that if I were to send my kids to a private school (and there are a lot of reason why I am not), I would choose a Quaker school for them. They push compassion, caring, service and inclusion, and who can argue with that?